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Tales From the Beyond

Penulis : Adri Adityo Wisnu
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Ghosts, the spectral being. Wandering souls of the dead with some unfinished business. Whether or not they are really exist among us, nobody can say for sure. Some people swore they have caught a glimpse of a family member who had just passed away recently, or seeing the victim of some certain accident still lingering around the site, materializing themselves up to anyone who's passing through. While the rest shrugged at its existence. There is no such thing as ghost. Dead people no longer stays on Earth. Pros and cons.

This collection of short stories tells the tales of supernatural phenomenon that occurred among the mundane lives of unsuspecting people. While most of the stories in this book are fictional, it doesn't rule out the possibility that what you read here would actually be happening to you someday. Keep your eyes open.
Tokoh Utama
Different characters on each story