Donald Duck
Donald Duck & Chip and Dale Cartoon New!!! Episode 2015| #donaldduck #chipanddale
Donald Duck Christmas, Donald Duck Cartoons, Donald Duck cartoon, Chip and Dale Cartoon 2015. #donalduck #chipanddale
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00:00 - 06: 58 : Donald's Golf Game:

In The game includes Donald and his three grandchildren, it takes place not just for Donald. First, donald want to quiet to play, suddenly it has a bird singing noise then his 3 grandchildren begin disrupt, Donald is very angry but ultimately, Donald was not playing and his grandchildren make very painful.

06:59 - 13:02 : The Lone Chipmunks:

He went alone, after he robbed the money, he runs continuously on storage place where chip and dale is living then clashes between bandit and chip n dale happen, finally the robber was arrested with the help of Chip n Dale.

13:03 - 19:23 : Fairy Tales:

When Donald build roads running through where Chip ‘n' Dale is living, to protect their property, Chip ‘n' Dale fought hard, finally Chip ‘n' Dale won, Donald is the loser.

19:24 - 25:16 : Donald's Fountain of Youth:

During stop, Donald discovered a spring, it's called "Fountain of youth”, so then Donald thought of becoming a child to care for their grandchildren. From that thought, clashes occurred with a crocodile when Donald took the crocodile eggs to tease the children and crocodiles have attacked Donald and his grandchildren, finally lucky uncle nephew Donald also survived.

25:17 - 32:10 : Bellboy Donald:

For the hotel's motto is "The guest is always right" that Donald has had a miserable, when Donald encountered a very mischievous child, This kid has a lot of malice, making Donald intolerable and then Donald has rated this child a thrashing.

32:11 - 38:38: Commando Duck:
He is responsible for destruction of enemy airport, on the road to the airport, Donald met ambushed and all our difficulties to other difficulties, only lucky, Donald avoid death, as he goes through the bullet forest like a rain at him, the result was unexpected enemy airfield destroyed in a moment that Donald is not doing anything.

38:39 - 44:19: No Hunting
44:20 - 52:13: Donald's Diary

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Donald Duck & Chip and Dale Cartoon New!!! Episode 2015| #donaldduck #chipanddale
Donald Duck & Chip and Dale Cartoon New!!! Episode 2015| #donaldduck #chipanddale
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